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The title of the book

The title of the book did throw me off since Leilac wasn’t really an Assassin that killed people for a living but instead killed the company. 
The story seemed to be more focused on descriptions of various places in the E.U. which were beautifully written painting vivid images of the landscape on my mind movie. The descriptions of the scenes are stunning, it paints a beautiful vivid picture in my mind.
The story also focuses on cars, clothing, food and sex. The erotic scenes were very well written, very believable and made me wish I were 20 something and could do those things again.

L. R.

To summarize the plot Leilac

To summarize the plot Leilac is in truth a corporate raider who travels around the E.U. having sex with a number of beautiful women, eating, drinking, and driving fancy expensive cars while delivering secret messages, compromising photos and other documents. Leilac Leamas is the primary character and the narrator of the story. Leilac seems like he is just out for himself to eat the best food available, drive the fastest most expensive cars around and he seems to act like an arrogant jerk who expects every beautiful woman in the world to fall at his feet and have sex with him anywhere anytime. So he meets Mariangela in the beautiful and romantic Lago di Como and… will something change?


The Sexual Life Of An

The Sexual Life Of An Assassin is so much more than a romantic and sexual book. It reveals the murky world of big business, influence peddling, and white-collar crimes that we know exist but we rarely see. Leilac lets us into his secret world through fascinating stories with beautiful women and iconic places, as if it were a James Bond movie but real. I can identify many stories from this book in the newspaper lines – ie Portugal Telecom, Oi, BES, Caixabank, BFA, Oi, Isabel dos Santos and many others financial scandals.


An exquisite delight… Covers very

An exquisite delight… Covers very importants life topics in such a beautiful and relatable way for such a fantastical plot.


I loved Chapter 26 so

I loved Chapter 26 so much though it did make me tear up with the surprise letter from Astrid. Astrid chapter wasn’t just some off the wall sex/romance/adventure it had a real big and importantbmessage behind it and I felt that with all my ❤. Of course there is another special chapter for me, but this is already a more private matter 😉.


This book brings all sort

This book brings all sort of human emotions inside you! More than just sex, prety women and beautiful places. A sordid tale that slowly unfolds to reveal the transformation of Leilac in relation to Mariangela and vice versa.


One of the perks of

One of the perks of The Sexual Life Of An Assassin is Mariangela and Chiara, adding intensity to the whole book with the hot sex scenes, the betrayal and the friendship; they are both eye candy for men and also women. Even if I see myself in one adventure in this-amazing adventure/chapter too-I confess my admiration and envy for Mariangela’s role in the whole story.


This book is a guilty

This book is a guilty pleasure of mine. It’s an amazing journey across the Mediterranean’s countries, food and incredible places in the first person. Leilac travels to Lisbon, Milan, Barcelona, Paris, Positano, Salerno, Potenza, Matera, Bari, Madrid, Lago di Como, Bergamo, Toscana… where he finds the best hotels, restaurants, places, experiences and love the most incredible and adventurous women. None of those women felt just one more in Leilac’s life and they are certainly proud of how they see themselves in this story, how adventurous, fearless and powerful they felt, the fabulous experiences they lived. Sex is just one thing among so many good things in this book. A real and strong characterization of each and every character makes this book one of a kind. Finally, the climax is really highlight.


English is not my mother

English is not my mother tongue, so I have some difficulty to read this book quickly and so I haven’t finished it yet. But that’s good because I’m slowly enjoying each chapter. I loved chapter 11 that I just read last night. I can imagine myself being driven in that classic Fiat 124 spider cabrio (beautiful car) to the top of Ravello on the Amalfi coast and then on to adventures in Potenza and Matera. Golden days in a person’s life.
Loved the following part of the book: 《“This is a classic car, has 128 horsepower at 6200 rpm. It’s the 1975 Abarth rally version,” Ilaria expounded, showing that she knew well the inheritance her father had left to her, that magnificent Abarth Fiat 124 Spider Rally Cabrio. I accelerated towards Ravello. The sound emanating from that little Fiat’s double-exit exhaust was music along those winding roads and breathtaking views all the way to the top of Ravello.》


Sometimes it’s hard to sympathize

Sometimes it’s hard to sympathize with the emotional ease as Leilac jumps from woman to woman, from sex to sex. Clearly, many of the women in the book expected more than a fleeting relationship with Leilac. But then we see how Leilac treated each one of these women and realize he loved each of them intensely. Leilac and Astrid’s story is very beautiful and touching. I cried a lot with the letter that Astrid wrote to Leilac at the hotel in Barcelona. I loved Mariangela and Leilac’s days in Tuscany, it couldn’t be more romantic. I identify myself with the incredible and funny story of Venice and Cortina; what an adventure was there.


This book justifies to the

This book justifies to the genre every bit of second. Its thrilling and erotic. in addition, it’s full of information about places, hotels, fantastic experiences (sexual, gastronomic, romantic, adventurous) and very interesting academic or common life topics. In this book I found good wines, the story of Cazu Marzu cheese (the scene in Cortina d’Ampezo), what is graphene, the fantastic lab experience of Curt Richter, and Mafia. Could it be better?


I’ve never feel like this

I’ve never feel like this ever before in my whole goddamn life during and after reading a book.The Sexual Life Of An Assassin had it all story, amazing places, mature content, and for me a surprise ending. It’s impossible to be indifferent to Mariangela and Leilac romance, even if we were any of the other women in the book. Somehow I feel honored in this book.


Mind blending book with steamy

Mind blending book with steamy sex, raunchy dialogs, and unrestricted views of the underworld of big business. The detailed description of fantastic places, the lessons of life, the cultural filling in several dialogues keeps u hooked & booked till the end.


Great unique story, that captures

Great unique story, that captures you and pulls you in to the point you feel part of it. Some dark hidden meaning in the book about businesses, entrepreneurship, influence peddling, sex, dreams and life of people nowadays. Awesome.


The most dangerous of situations

The most dangerous of situations can happen in the most unlikely of places and randomly, like in the streets of Barcelona or in a hotel bed or a cell reproduction lottery that turns into a cancer that transforms us. In fact, Astrid’s story in Barcelona, chapter 26, hit my heart and guts like a ten-pound sledgehammer.


Everyone has their own story

Everyone has their own story and everyone has their own past, and for sure all of us “have a story we never tell”, but Leilac has plenty of them, that makes this book wonderful. I think the story line honestly explores the reality and it’s more than mere entertainment, as it reveals a lesser-known path into sex, big business and the criminal underworld, where even then there can be ethics, morals and love.


Leilac knows how to cater

Leilac knows how to cater to a woman’s sexual needs and how to enjoy the life to the extreme, even in a risk way. But even a person like him, highly sexual and independent, is vulnerable to love. In love it’s clear that Leilac prioritizes his partner’s intellect, brilliance and success, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t appreciate other attributes like beauty, elegance, and even sex.
And I think this feelings and experiences are the right balance in everyones life. I can see this book in a deeper way even reflecting a part of me.

V Italy

I was hooked to the

I was hooked to the book the entire time. I finished the book in a week. All the chapters took me on a fun ride, but the chapters with Mariangela are the best ones on par with the one in Sassi di Matera. A lot of sex scenes in every Leilac’s adventures but is always more than just sex, it’s life choices.
For everyone saying this story is unrealistic and a morally bankrupt, obviously hasn’t had a passionate love life and know nothing about intelligence, fraud, bribery, money laundering, corruption and others multi-jurisdictional legal and white collar crime cases. The Leilac’s story it is not far from the reality with which we live daily but which we are not aware of.


The sexual life uncovers an

The sexual life uncovers an amazingly complex portrait of female sexuality and about the romantic and social relationships. Mariangela is the perfect example. Leilac and Mariangela relationship delve into the use of sex as a defensive tactic against jealousy, infidelity and as boost of self-confidence – we can even say as a matter of status towards each other.
This book is more than a romance or thriller, it’s about
understanding the male and female sexuality and drawing on the constant challenges o the relationships.


In a fashionable way this

In a fashionable way this book explores the deep-seated psychology and biology that often drive women’s desires: pure pleasure, adventure, new experiences and sometimes even a darker side often more than long, routine relationships in the same community and just to procreate and raise a family.
Relationships that are multinational are increasingly common with the advent of the internet and low cost airlines, even when the two parties have different countries as home, and this book also explores these questions in a funny and less obvious way. Love it.

Spanish woman

I find that many men

I find that many men and women can identify with this book in the sexual approach, because the current reality demands more and more intensity but without strings.
We can’t deny that women can have a a free sex life far from old prejudices.


Questo libro è stato bello

Questo libro è stato bello da leggere e deliziosamente sexy. I personaggi sono completi, con un personalità affascinate e spregiudicata. Le scene glamour ed i luoghi sono stati splendidamente narrati nel dettaglio. Ad ogni capitolo, ci si sente sempre più immersi nella storia. Felice di aver perso parte a questa lettura


The Sexual Life Of An

The Sexual Life Of An Assassin portrays women as the sexual beings we are: the passion, the intrigue, all sexual fantasies, and the desire.

Women talk, crave and think about sex a lot and this book certainly reflects the desires of many women.

I can see myself in this book.


If you want a vanilla

If you want a vanilla life this is definitely not a book for you. This book is for people who have a deeper yearning and are trying to figure out what happiness is within the prejudiced society that we live in.

The story is thrilling, gripping, sexy, and filled with the bright and dark sides of sex, which is not common to find in a book like this one.

I will definitely rate The Sexual Life Of An Assassin 5 stars over and over again.


The women in the book

The women in the book may feel more like one in Leilac’s life or the one and only in Leilac’s life, but surely they all feel that they had a unique life story and they were intensely loved even if only for a moment. Having this feeling is priceless and unique. That’s what we feel when we read this book. It is impossible to remain indifferent to the intensity, pragmatism, immense romanticism and enormous sexual tension in each different chapter of this complex and intriguing book.


It’s great

It’s great when a person has such stories … because life is so short.


Wuouuuu! This read has everything

Wuouuuu! This read has everything to catch and hold you from the first to the last word: sex, real Mafia, glamourous hotels, amazing places, good wines, betrayals, strong and elegant women and unapologetically alpha man! This book is so incredible that you can learn how to wiretap a cell phone, put an untraceable GPS in a car, and other secret agent skills.


This book has it all:

This book has it all: sex, chemistry, beautiful women, a charming and sedutor protagonist, one love, multiple loves, secrets, lies, betrayal, loyalty, suspense, twists and turns, and all this in an astonish journey through incredible and real places in Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, etc.


The Sexual Life Of An

The Sexual Life Of An Assassin is compelling, intense and full of interesting twists and turns like a good thriller.
This is an incredibly hot, forbidden, and brilliant story of man that live the life intensely but in a simple and easy way doing his job and enjoying each moment.


Beware, this book may set

Beware, this book may set you on fire with spicy and super detailed descriptions of each scene.

It will not allow you to put the book down until you find what happened to Mariangela.


Full of intrigue, surprise, and

Full of intrigue, surprise, and the hottest sex, this book presents a fascinating history of a little-known aspect of the corporate intelligence and influence.
Some Leilac’s tactics are controversial, but all is fair in love and war.


The descriptions are so detailed

The descriptions are so detailed and accurate that it is possible to visualize and feel each story as if we were living it. In this book we will find stories and experiences that everyone should live at least once in their lives. This book is intense, genuine and undoubtedly inimitable. Mariangela… Mariangela… Was she the one who stole or broke Leilac’s heart?


Foi um misto de emoções

Foi um misto de emoções e orgulho ao receber este livro ainda como prova de autor. Orgulho porque me vejo representada no livro de forma audaciosa e ao ponto que me sinto quase intimidante. Emoções pelos sítios girissimos e experiências TOP descritas com enorme detalhe e mestria em cada linha. É um livro em que sentimos o sangue a correr nas veias e a pulsar o coração com toda a força.


First of all I’m extremely

First of all I’m extremely happy to write about this book, because I was one of the privileged persons that got a author’s proof. This is one the best books about sex, love, glamor, travels, adventures and conspiracy I have ever read in my life.

Second, for those of you who refuse to give the book a chance, shame on you, never judge a book by its cover or title.

Finally, the love and sex scenes are tastefully written and very exciting, paving the way for a broader and fun view of sex and relationships, making it clear that you can love intensely even in an ONS.

I’m in love… 😀


This book was probably Leilac’s

This book was probably Leilac’s best way of honoring all the women he loved throughout 36 chapters of emotional and sexually intense stories. An exciting book that entertains us and takes us through a detailed world of influence.


Of all the books I

Of all the books I have read recently, this was the best of all.
I wish I could have read this book years ago.
Give it a try and you just might fall in love with an Assassin.
You may find yourself just as surprised as I was when I finished.


This is a really great

This is a really great “spionage” story, don’t let the hard core sex scary you away.

The first-person narrator did a fantastic job.


This book has done a

This book has done a great job, approaching sex in an open, free and unrestrained way.
Threesomes which were more or less underground and taboo prior to the publication of this book, are treated here in an amusing and in an entireley undogmatic way.
I truly believe that without books like this, many closeted kinksters would never discover their full potential.


This was the first book

This was the first book I ever read in the genre.

The story is emotionally intense, involving seduction, sexual fantasies, hardcore sex with espionage, influence, travel and activities in wonderful places.

The detailed description of the place, of each road, of each street, of each hotel, of the each room, the views, of each restaurant and the food on the dish, of each person and what they have dressed, the detail of the shoes they are wearing, make us completely immerse in the story as if we were living it in reality.

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