Assassins' Club Member Form

Welcome to Assassins' Club Member Form,


THE ASSASSINS’ CLUB is the life liberated social network where the “Assassins” are in control.

Our hedonistic parties over the world are the ultimate “Assassins” playgrounds.

We are creating unforgettable parties of excitement and exploration for all the “Assassins”.

Becoming an “Assassin” requires a rigorous application process.

The membership is voluntary and admission to a club is often based on a set of established criteria.

The application process is focused on personality.

The things that we look for in the “Assassins” are:

  • What does their circle of friends look like?
  • Are they well traveled and do they travel a lot?
  • Do they experience the world and do they have a more worldly perspective on things?

We want to get a sense of a person’s political values and what they do for a living so we can decide if the applicant would mesh well with existing Assassins.


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