The thirty-six previously undiscovered chapters regale the readers with dangerous adventures, sex, and, of course, beautiful and amazing women. You can also thrill in a road trip through twenty-eight cities in Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Germany, and England and discover, along with our protagonist, incredible hotels, the hottest restaurants, trendy bars, fascinating places, top hidden gems, and unknown pleasures.


I had an hour and a half flight ahead of me at which I could be alone, undisturbed. What more could my team do with these secretly obtained documents, which had been carefully culled… READ MORE

Chapter 1

Leilac met Nemesis at Ritz in Lisbon. A van with tinted windows was parked outside the hotel and outside agents disguised as business people watched them… READ MORE

Chapter 2

After meeting Nemesis in Lisbon, Leilac flew to Milan to have dinner with the top Italian bank executive, with whom he had hours of sexting two days earlier… READ MORE

Chapter 3

After dinner at Deus Cafe, a restaurant and bar in a hip area of Milan, Leilac and the top Italian bank executive went straight to the hotel where they spent a night of passionate sex… READ MORE

Chapter 4

Despite having slept only four hours, Leilac took a shower and went to pick up a Catalan friend at Malpensa airport… READ MORE

Chapter 5

Despite the incidents reported by Tocsin, Leilac did not stop enjoying the night in Milan in the company of his Spanish friend… READ MORE

Chapter 6

Leilac flew to Barcelona to participate in the general meeting of shareholders of a Spanish bank… READ MORE

Chapter 7

In the sophisticated and youthful atmosphere of a Kong restaurant in Paris, Leilac had lunch with an old friend. She was a handsome and famous French actress… READ MORE

Chapter 8

With the help of Napoleon, a former Unione Corse operative, Leilac delivered to a judge of the Supreme Court of Warsaw, revealing photographs of the judge’s double life… READ MORE

Chapter 9

The pressure on several banks in Portugal, Spain, Italy, and Poland influenced big business in the telecoms industry, in which they were involved… READ MORE

Chapter 10

At the terrace of the historic Café de Flore in Paris, drinking an Aperol Spritz, Leilac met Mia. As seen later in chapter 25, that meeting was no accident… READ MORE

Chapter 11

When Leilac received the last instructions to meet the capo of Sacra Corona Unit, he was on the stunning Amalfi coast, flirting with a Russian lover at the Le Sirenuse hotel… READ MORE

Chapter 12

Leilac lunch at Bump Green, in Madrid, with a Spaniard lawyer.
After lunch, they returned to the law firm, just around the corner, to get together with over 15 people… READ MORE

Chapter 13

Leilac landed in Malpensa airport in Milan and flew in a blue and gray A109 Grand helicopter to Villa D’Este in Cernobbio, on Lago di Como… READ MORE

Chapter 14

Chiara, the young woman Leilac had met the day before, parked her black Vespa Lx 125 in front of the Grand Hotel Tremezzo and went up with Leilac to the splendid Greta suite… READ MORE

Chapter 15

Leilac and Chiara were seated in the spectacular Alle Darsene di Loppia restaurant in Bellagio when a stunning woman arrived, tall and thin, with long, dark, and well-toned legs… READ MORE

Chapter 16

Mariangela and Leilac woke up in the morning at the Piajo Relax Hotel in Nembro, Italy. They had sex again. After changing cars, they headed to the Il Pelicano hotel in Porto Ercole… READ MORE

Chapter 17

After a morning of sex, Mariangela and Leilac had lunch with Professor Massimiliano at the Hotel La Posta Vecchia in Ladispoli. Mariangela’s genius and her knowledge… READ MORE

Chapter 18

Mariangela was not satisfied with the dinner that Leilac had arranged with Mia in Milan and went to Barcelona for a few days. READ MORE

Chapter 19

Leilac met Ana, Sforza’s wife, in Saint-Tropez. He flashbacked to a defining moment in his youth when he learned not to make a priori judgment. READ MORE

Chapter 20

Leilac spent two weeks in Brussels, where he aimed to dismantle the sophisticated tactics of corruption and the influence of Chiara’s father. READ MORE

Chapter 21

After a brunch at Le Pain Quotidien, Leilac and Izar spent the day in the Thermae Boetfort, a naturist spa in an old castle at the outskirts of Brussels. READ MORE

Chapter 22

After Brussels, Leilac and Izar talked on the phone for weeks. Izar had diverted Leilac’s thoughts away from Mariangela. However, he talked with Mariangela twice that week about the graphene… READ MORE

Chapter 23

After spending several months working behind a computer, Leilac flew to Rome. He had a field operation. Leilac’s team continued to influence companies’ strategies… READ MORE

Chapter 24

After hastily leaving the exclusive masquerade party, Leilac and his friend had sex over the hood of the car, on the side road, under a luminous sign for ‘Pasticchiere Carla’. READ MORE

Chapter 25

Mia’s father lived in a luxurious flat in Monaco. His dad rarely left the apartment except to have lunch or dinner at chef Alain Ducasse’s restaurant, the Louis XV. READ MORE

Chapter 26

Leilac had a mission in Barcelona. The mission was to prevent a shareholder with a qualified and relevant interest from attending the general meeting of a Barcelona-based company. READ MORE

Chapter 27

After lunch with his two friends, Leilac triggered a car accident in the parking lot of a golf club. He intentionally simulated the accident to reach Mario, the right arm of Angolan interests. READ MORE

Chapter 28

Leilac’s colleague in Italy received a call from an English woman who was asking for references. He flashbacked to the time he spent with the head of the ballet company… READ MORE

Chapter 29

After several twists and turns through the labyrinthine hallways, Maria knocked on the right doors to meet Leilac. She avoided Tocsin. Such avoidance, however… READ MORE

Chapter 30

Leilac took a flight to Frankfurt to meet “The Man”, the professional backing Maria. “The Man” had important information and documents to share with Leilac. READ MORE

Chapter 31

Leilac was riding Penelope, his classic electrical bicycle. While listening to Spotify, he noticed two missed calls, both of which were from Mariangela. He returned the call. READ MORE

Chapter 32

Leilac spent some wonderful summer days with Mariangela on the golden mile of Puente Romano in Marbella… READ MORE

Chapter 33

Only a few people dared to travel with the many restrictions imposed by the government because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite the travel restrictions, Leilac met Mariangela in Venice. READ MORE

Chapter 34

Mariangela and Leilac woke up in hotel Le Ali Del Frassino, Peschiera del Garda. The previous afternoon, they took part in a tasting with Zenato wines. READ MORE

Chapter 35

The grand finale took place. All the pieces of the puzzle started to fit together, from the dinner in Milan, the documents collected from the various locations… READ MORE

Chapter 36

It was a rainy day in December, with the Covid-19 rules in place. Leilac received an email from the new contractor. A few days later, Leilac met an enigmatic woman… READ MORE

This is a work of fiction, however some events may bear some resemblance to reality but none of which convey an all-inclusive statement of reality.

All characters in this book, with the exception of public figures, are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. The opinions expressed are those of the characters and should not be confused with the author’s. Certain locations, business, companies, institutions, associations, agencies, and public offices are mentioned, but the characters involved are wholly imaginary. Space and time have been rearranged to suit the convenience of the book.