Chapter 1

Lisbon, Portugal

Leilac met Nemesis at Ritz in Lisbon.
A van with tinted windows was parked outside the hotel and outside agents disguised as business people watched them.
Both talked and agreed to live and let live, but they well knew that such an agreement made little sense.
Behind the smoke and mirrors, the fight would continue.
With the doors open to the world of Nemesis, a man used to manipulating chairpersons and CEO of large companies, Leilac had a mission.
Leilac took the opportunity to visit Lisbon to have lunch with Barbara, a friend of many years.
The lunch at Darwin, a restaurant on the Champalimaud Foundation, next to Belem Tower and where Tagus River meets the Atlantic, ended up with them having the dirtiest and exhibitionist sex on the balcony hotel room.