Chapter 13

Cernobbio, Italy

Leilac landed in Malpensa airport in Milan and flew in a blue and gray A109 Grand helicopter to Villa D’Este in Cernobbio, on Lago di Como. One man in the aircraft was the CFO of a critical listed company, and the other one was his lawyer. The CFO wanted Leilac’s help to escape an accusation of mismanagement. In return, he paid a small amount to cover the operation costs and gave Leilac secret documents. Those documents were essential to the powerful man he met after that in Villa D’Este.
Leilac met Chiara when she took him from Villa D’Este to Como in a magnificent 1958 Riva Tritone with two Mercruiser engines.
In Como, he met Foscarina, an old friend who needed his help to handle some Foundation’s corruption, sectarian politics, and brute force problems.
They spent a good time in Bellagio, enjoying the beautiful restaurants around Lago di Como and having outrageous sex in the middle of the public gardens of Villa Melzi, although they were followed by two intimidating men who pursued their every step.