Chapter 14

Tremezzo, Italy

Chiara, the young woman Leilac had met the day before, parked her black Vespa Lx 125 in front of the Grand Hotel Tremezzo and went up with Leilac to the splendid Greta suite to change the pair of thigh-high jeans, the white shirt with thin blue horizontal stripes, and the white Converse All-Star sneakers that she was wearing for an elegant, delicate, light, black summer dress and some high-heeled Louboutin sandals she had in her sizeable black hand-bag.
She took out a scarf, Hermès, which she placed over her shoulders, a small silver purse, a necklace that she put around her neck, and an exquisite and sober Ulysse Nardin Classico Lady Grand watch on her wrist, and went out with Leilac to dinner in a restaurant on the other side of the Lake.
As it was still early for dinner, they stopped the boat in the middle of the Lake, drifting inside the golden triangle between Bellagio, Messaggio, and Varenna, where they toasted to that new friendship. With the sun falling behind the mountains and illuminating the Lake in all its golden splendor, Chiara sat in the boat’s stern, unzipped Leilac’s trousers, and pulled on his hard cock. They did not care if the captain of the book, or anyone else, saw it.