Chapter 15

Bellagio, Italy

Leilac and Chiara were seated in the spectacular Alle Darsene di Loppia restaurant in Bellagio when a stunning woman arrived, tall and thin, with long, dark, and well-toned legs revealed in a concise purple silk dress, smiling at Chiara. She was Mariangela, a non-executive member of a graphene company.
Mariangela showed an impressive knowledge of graphene. That knowledge was essential for the Leilac team’s investments in that area.
After a beautiful dinner prepared by Chef Matteo, everyone went for an evening stroll around Bellagio.
The three ended up in the Greta suite at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo, having rough sex.
Leilac escaped from his room just before dawn and, using the Chiara’s Vespa, drove to Villa D’Este, where a Maserati A6 GCS parked. The car, worth 2.5 million euros, would be used for money laundering and bribery. After finishing what he had to do at Villa D’Este, Leilac went back to bed in the hotel room, where Chiara and Mariangela were sleeping.
The next day, Leilac took advantage of the ride Mariangela offered him from the rent-a-car at Malpensa airport to Bergamo airport, to change the plans and invite her to dinner at Casual at the entrance to the Città Alta di Bergamo, and for a few charming days at the Hotel Il Pelicano in Porto Ercole.