Chapter 16

Porto Ercole, Italy

Mariangela and Leilac woke up in the morning at the Piajo Relax Hotel in Nembro, Italy. They had sex again.
After changing cars, they headed to the Il Pelicano hotel in Porto Ercole to live the “dolce vita” for a few days.
They had lunch at Il Piccolo Principe, Forte dei Marmi, not far from La Spezia.
For the first time, Mariangela spoke about her ex-boyfriend, chef Mateo, revealing the recipe for a pistacchio dessert.
The police caught Leilac and Mariangela having sex in the car parked near Porto Ercole.
The afternoon intimacy between Leilac and Mariangela began on the huge balcony of the junior suite of the Il Pelicano hotel. From there, they went inside the bedroom to cool off in the Tyrrhenian Sea that lapped at the hotel’s white pier.
Chiara joined the couple for dinner. They all had fun and an exciting night at King’s Club disco, where sex in the bathroom was not missing.
The next morning, the three of them woke up on their hotel bed with a boat waiting on the pier. While Mariangela was still napping, Chiara confessed to Leilac what she had done days before. Leilac was disappointed by Chiara’s actions.
Mariangela and Leilac sailed to Spiaggia delle Caldane, where they spent the rest of the day.
The next day, they had a meeting with Professor Massimiliano.