Chapter 18

Padova, Italy

Mariangela was not satisfied with the dinner that Leilac had arranged with Mia in Milan and went to Barcelona for a few days.
The relationship between them became strained and frosty, as Leilac knew that Mateo, Mariangela’s ex-boyfriend, lived in Barcelona, and Mariangela knew that Leilac and Mia had an unfinished story.
Leilac had a mission in Padova, Italy, and Mia was part of the plan. The two friends got involved again, first at the Doria Grande Hotel in Milan and later at the Hotel Vittoria in Brescia.
Emilia, a young Chilean woman, who Mia and Leilac met on the rooftop of Hotel Vittoria, joined the couple for one night of sex. The Duomo Nuovo di Brescia and the Torre del Pegol in the background, framed by the bedroom window, provided the perfect “painting” for the night of a trio of friends.
The next day, Mia and Leilac had dinner at the Sushi Su restaurant in Padova. The dinner was all planned for an apparently casual meeting with Luca Sforza and his elegant wife, Ana.
Leilac seduced Ana in the lively night at the restaurant and then walked through Padova.
The die was cast, but Leilac couldn’t get Mariangela out of his head.