Chapter 20

Brussels, Belgium

Leilac spent two weeks in Brussels, where he aimed to dismantle the sophisticated tactics of corruption and the influence of Chiara’s father.
Chiara’s father enlisted ex-cops, ex-CIA, ex-Mossad, former MI5 spies, investigative journalists and lawyers in his operations to corrupt decision-makers with bribes, which he paid through art transactions.
He accomplished his mission at the Eden Rock hotel in St. Barths.
Leilac needed to get out and relax as the last few weeks had been quite tense for him. He found that Mariangela had gotten back to her ex-boyfriend, Mateo.
He took advantage of his stay in Brussels to relax and meet Izar, an old Spanish friend. They spent the night together after having a dinner at Tan, a restaurant in the elegant Chatelain neighborhood.