Chapter 21

Brussels, Belgium

After a brunch at Le Pain Quotidien, Leilac and Izar spent the day in the Thermae Boetfort, a naturist spa in an old castle at the outskirts of Brussels.
But on his way to the hotel to change clothes, Leilac received a phone call from Mariangela. He didn’t answer the call immediately, and she hung up. In the hotel, he saw another missed call from Mariangela. But before he could return the call, the other phone rang, and he picked the call. It was Tocsin, telling him that Mariangela had complained to the professor that Leilac was not picking her calls. Leilac picked up the other phone and called Mariangela.
The phone call was about the graphene project. Mariangela’s team needed an algorithm to analyze the extruded material and adjust the extruder’s speed, temperature and magnetic field in real time. Leilac noticed that since Mariangela had returned to Mateo, she was not the same woman. Perhaps it was Leilac’s fault.
Izar and Leilac enjoyed the day in the Thermae Boetfort. They had dinner there and spent the night in the Jacuzzi bath. With the spa almost empty, they could allow their bodies to relax.