Chapter 22

Madrid, Spain

After Brussels, Leilac and Izar talked on the phone for weeks.
Izar had diverted Leilac’s thoughts away from Mariangela. However, he talked with Mariangela twice that week about the graphene project, which always made him uncomfortable. He felt Marianagela at an icy distance.
Leilac met Izar and her mistress in an apartment in a chic Madrid neighborhood. The trio had a cocktail at Jardin Secreto and at San Antón market.
In the unisex bathroom of San Antón market, Leilac had sex with Izar’s mistress. Izar joined them soon after.
Leilac woke up on a wide chaise longue, trying to remember last night’s dream. It wasn’t his home. Two women were sleeping together on the sofa with only a thin blanket covering their beautiful, naked bodies.
Meanwhile, Leilac’s team made remarkable progress with Chiara’s father and in the development of new copolymers with graphene.
Nemesis continued to advance, despite the monumental failure of the merger and alliance between the Portugal and Brazil telecoms, in which he was involved.