Chapter 23

Rome, Italy

After spending several months working behind a computer, Leilac flew to Rome. He had a field operation.
Leilac’s team continued to influence companies’ strategies and lay off anyone who opposed them. The team also placed pressure on the board members, shareholders and stakeholders by filing lawsuits containing embarrassing personal and commercial information. They took advantage of the puzzle of interests to create sub-operations, a move that was not within the scope of the main mission.
Later on, they made considerable progress in the graphene project. Mariangela named the project GOG+. The only thing that kept Leilac connected to Mariangela was the project.
Leilac was preparing a counter-influence operation that would take him to Paris for a few days. He made the preparation before he had a meeting with professor Massimiliano in Rome.
He stayed at the Savoy Hotel in Rome with a friend whom he called a veritable goddess.
Leilac spent some time with his friend. They had lunch at the Raphael hotel and took part in one of the most exclusive masquerade parties in the world at Lago di Bracciano. The ‘promotor fidei’ of the party scoured their social networks, checked their CV and confirmed the respective references judiciously.
Leilac met a perfect woman at that party. But when her husband revealed his face under the mask, Leilac realized he needed to leave!