Chapter 25

Paris, France

Mia’s father lived in a luxurious flat in Monaco. His dad rarely left the apartment except to have lunch or dinner at chef Alain Ducasse’s restaurant, the Louis XV. He was a somewhat mysterious person, a respected businessman with a huge fortune that opened many doors for him and his daughter around the world.
Mia was the boarding ticket to an exclusive Paris club, where many diplomats, powerful businessmen, and influential politicians abound.
Leilac provoked an apparently causal encounter with Mia at Prechoir Ménilmontant, the first one born clandestinely on a rooftop of a Parisian building, with unobstructed views over the city. They arranged to meet at Peninsula Hotel for dinner at L’Oiseau Blanc.
After dinner, they wandered through the Parisian night and ended up at Serpent a Plume on Place des Vosges, whose lower floor reminded a Masonic temple because of its black-and-white checkered floor and rustic walls and vaulted ceiling. They ended the night in Mia’s friendly little flat, with the promise of a dinner in a secret and exclusive place next night.
At 9 p.m., they arrived in front of a very discreet and black door. Mia was elegant in a black Louboutin with her typical red sole. The black door opened after Mia’s phone rang.
Inside, an elegant blonde woman in an understated black dress solemnly opened a small wooden box lined in purple velvet where Leilac and Mia deposited their disconnected mobile phones.
Was Leilac’s target inside an exclusive club?
The adventure had begun.