Chapter 26

Barcelona, Spain

Leilac had a mission in Barcelona. The mission was to prevent a shareholder with a qualified and relevant interest from attending the general meeting of a Barcelona-based company.
He met Uxía, a senior officer of the ‘Mossos d’Esquadra’, Catalonia’s police force at El Nacional on Passeig de Gràcia.
Leilac informed her that an important lawyer would transport drugs in large quantities for a client who had a boat moored in the marina.
Uxía, a recently divorced policewoman, and Leilac went to the El Nacional’s bathrooms to kiss and cuddle.
The next day, Leilac left the Duquesa de Cardona hotel to meet Pascual, a Catalan man who worked with the Leilac’s Madrid team, in the Terraza Aperol Spritz.
While Leilac was waiting for Pascual, he took the opportunity to scroll through his Instagram account with his ‘sockpuppet’ and check Mariangela’s Instagram page. They had not communicated since the last time he saw her in Rome. He was not happy with what he saw on Mariangela’s Instagram page. She was engaged with a Tiffany ring of at least 50,000 euros on her finger.
Pascual and Leilac, sitting in the Terraza Aperol Spritz, prepared the entire operation for the next day.
When Leilac was using his drone to film a boat and the surroundings, someone appeared. It was Astrid, a Norwegian girl visiting Spain.
Leilac invited Astrid to lunch in the Green Spot. They spent day and night together on an adventure. The adventures included popping the cork from a bottle of cava at sunset on the Turó de la Rovira and using a knife to carry out a robbery.
When Leilac woke up the next morning, he felt strange. Astrid left him a long-handwritten message that surprised him. Leilac slept all the morning. Uxía and Pascual were waiting for Leilac’s instructions. The General Assembly was about to start in 45 minutes, and he was naked in the hotel room. Did Leilac accomplish his mission in Barcelona?