Chapter 27

Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

After lunch with his two friends, Leilac triggered a car accident in the parking lot of a golf club. He intentionally simulated the accident to reach Mario, the right arm of Angolan interests. Leilac would have to align those interests with his contractor’s interests.
The next day, early in the morning, he picked up a friend at the train station and took her to breakfast at Ar D’Mar, on Madalena beach in Vila Nova de Gaia. She was an actress in Miami.
After visiting the points of interest of the city of Porto and drinking wine at Graham’s wine cellars, they went for lunch at the Vinium restaurant, Graham’s restaurant run by the Spanish, Basque, Iñaki Lz. Osório, the private banker, then called him to meet him in the lounge of The Yeatman hotel.
Leilac was using the name of Adolf and pretended to be an engineer with an interest in Angola.
With a game of words and power with Osório and his colleague Ricardo in the bar of The Yeatman hotel, Leilac convinced them to introduce him to Mario.
The beautiful actress had to leave Leilac to return to Vigo, where she was having dinner that night. But first, they both slipped into the bathroom at The Yeatman Hotel.
The next day, Leilac met with Mario at the Sheraton hotel in Porto. At that point, Leilac revealed his identity and confronted Mario with the documents he had with him. Were they aligned?