Chapter 36

Salamanca, Spain

It was a rainy day in December, with the Covid-19 rules in place. Leilac received an email from the new contractor. A few days later, Leilac met an enigmatic woman in the Castillo de Buen Amor, the same place where he stayed with Belen for a long time.
The woman wore a tightly belted black tailleur that stressed her blonde hair and thin silhouette. Her olive skin, her incredibly white teeth, and the red soles of her black Louboutin shone were a sight to behold.
She was aware of Leilac’s skills. She knew what he could do and what he could not do. She was there for both.
She explained to Leilac what she wanted from him, but he knew she wasn’t saying everything.
What would Leilac’s next mission be? Mariangela and her retirement plans.