Chapter 4

Como Lake, Italy

Despite having slept only four hours, Leilac took a shower and went to pick up a Catalan friend at Malpensa airport.
After meeting with the top Italian bank executive, he knew that the Nemesis’ people would follow him. So, he deflected suspicion with a romantic stroll by Lago di Como.
The next day he continued to have fun with his Spanish friend: first on the Monza circuit, then with lunch at the Città Alta de Bergamo, and finally with a dip in the glacial waters of Lago di Como and an apéritif at sunset in the magical village of Varenna.
Tocsin, tough and sassy assistant of Leilac, updated him about the incidents in Lisbon, including a robbery in Leilac’s friend’s hotel suite. Suspecting a repeat of those events in Milan, Leilac’s team made a call to the Carabinier about a suspected theft of the top Italian bank executive’s apartment, preventing two men from conducting an actual break-in.
After those incidents, Leilac’s client, who hired his team to make life difficult for the Nemesis, authorized a retaliation plan that Leilac and his team kept ready.