Chapter 6

Castelldefels, Spain

Leilac flew to Barcelona to participate in the general meeting of shareholders of a Spanish bank.
He met a beautiful hostess who offered him a ride from the airport to the hotel on the flight.
A few glasses later of Rioja’s red wine, they ended up in the hotel bedroom where she was revealed to have trained as a gymnast when younger and shown how flexible she could be.
The following day, Leilac was slated to grill the board of directors at the general meeting, where over 1,000 shareholders were present.
In the general meeting was a Nemesis’ lawyer, whom Leilac had threatened with investigations into the bank’s transactions with Angola and China.
The lawyer showed he was aware of the investments made by Leilac’s team in graphene, making a veiled threat there. Then he alluded to the deal that the Nemesis and Leilac had shaken hands-on back in Lisbon.
The Monks had transferred several million euros to Luxemburg to ramp up pressure that Leilac’s team was applying to derail the transatlantic mega-deal the Nemesis was cobbling together.