Chapter 8

Warsaw, Poland

With the help of Napoleon, a former Unione Corse operative, Leilac delivered to a judge of the Supreme Court of Warsaw, revealing photographs of the judge’s double life. Leilac intended to ensure the banks would not corrupt that judge in a decision to apply the binding interpretation of the European Court of Justice about the prohibited clauses of banking contracts.
That operation would impact Portuguese and Spanish banks and would affect the interests of Nemesis.
Leilac covered up the visit to Poland with an invitation to a wedding in the mediations of Warsaw. His fake wife at the wedding was Boguslawa, an old Polish friend of Leilac. Her father was a double agent, working in the intelligent agency of Poland but spying for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States of America. Her grandfather was a spy providing intelligence reports to the British intelligence agencies until the Gestapo captured and killed him in the Sachsenhausen concentration camp. Boguslawa was a specialist in producing advertisements designed to shape and build public opinion support.
During all this action, Leilac and Boguslawa had a great time at the Polonia Palace Hotel, in the confessional of a small church and the classic green Jaguar E Type 4.2-liter under the trees near a river, surrendered to each other’s pleasure.
Leilac and Boguslawa also had a fun dinner with Mikolaj and Anna, Boguslawa’s friend, Ruben, an investment bank risk analyst at State Street Bank, at the Hard Rock Cafe in Warsaw.