English is not my mother

English is not my mother tongue, so I have some difficulty to read this book quickly and so I haven’t finished it yet. But that’s good because I’m slowly enjoying each chapter. I loved chapter 11 that I just read last night. I can imagine myself being driven in that classic Fiat 124 spider cabrio (beautiful car) to the top of Ravello on the Amalfi coast and then on to adventures in Potenza and Matera. Golden days in a person’s life.
Loved the following part of the book: 《“This is a classic car, has 128 horsepower at 6200 rpm. It’s the 1975 Abarth rally version,” Ilaria expounded, showing that she knew well the inheritance her father had left to her, that magnificent Abarth Fiat 124 Spider Rally Cabrio. I accelerated towards Ravello. The sound emanating from that little Fiat’s double-exit exhaust was music along those winding roads and breathtaking views all the way to the top of Ravello.》

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