This book is a guilty

This book is a guilty pleasure of mine. It’s an amazing journey across the Mediterranean’s countries, food and incredible places in the first person. Leilac travels to Lisbon, Milan, Barcelona, Paris, Positano, Salerno, Potenza, Matera, Bari, Madrid, Lago di Como, Bergamo, Toscana… where he finds the best hotels, restaurants, places, experiences and love the most incredible and adventurous women. None of those women felt just one more in Leilac’s life and they are certainly proud of how they see themselves in this story, how adventurous, fearless and powerful they felt, the fabulous experiences they lived. Sex is just one thing among so many good things in this book. A real and strong characterization of each and every character makes this book one of a kind. Finally, the climax is really highlight.

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